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It is important to find the Worthington counselor in Ohio right for you and/or your family. This is because finding a quality counselor, one who will work hard to heal you or your family and make a difference in your life, is important. Not all counselors specialize in the same areas, use the same theoretical approaches, nor have the same techniques for building rapport or facilitating change.


As you search for a counselor in the Worthington, Ohio area, you may want to start by reaching out to family and friends for recommendations. It may also be helpful to reach out to your doctor for a list of recommended or preferred providers. If for some reason this is not available to you, or if you prefer to search for Worthington counselors on your own, then you may choose to begin your search online. As you do this, it is important to read the bios and reviews of each counselor in order to find someone whose approach of working with clients seems to align well with your values and beliefs. This is because it is important to feel comfortable with the counselor you ultimately choose.


If you are new to counseling, you may also want to spend a bit of time researching the philosophy of each counselor. Counseling, in general, aims to help individuals, families, or groups feel better, facilitate change, and overcome obstacles or challenges. Counseling is used to treat specific mental health conditions, including anxiety or depression, as well as to solve relationship challenges, improve stress management, and find clarity within career decisions. A Worthington counselor will implement the principles of counseling in different ways depending on background, specialty, and more.


For example, at True North Counseling, we offer counseling services for the times in life when we struggle to keep up with everything that is thrown our way. Because when we’re overwhelmed, lost, confused, or struggling with symptoms that impact our ability to enjoy daily tasks and activities, it can be helpful to have the unbiased and outside perspective of a professional. We believe in counseling, because it can help you find clarification, move forward, and feel better in your life more quickly than on your own.


Along with Worthington counseling services for individuals, we also offer counseling for families with children and adolescents. There can be a lot of pressure on parents to do the right things and make the right decisions for their family. This pressure can feel overwhelming and leave parents or families as a whole feeling tired, confused, and unhappy. Working with a counselor can help everyone in your family get to a place of feeling better.


Whether or decide to work with us at True North Counseling or another Worthington counselor, you will hopefully begin your counseling sessions with a thorough assessment. This is because no one family or individual is the same. Each family or individual will have different challenges, different wants, and a different goal for counseling. A thorough assessment can help your counselor better understand who you are, what situations or individuals have shaped your beliefs, what you most value, and why those values hold such importance to you. This is important because when a counselor better understands your individual circumstances, your counselor can more quickly help you find relief from your challenges and move towards where you want to be.


At True North Counseling, we begin all of our sessions with this type of thorough assessment. We want to connect deeply with you, because we believe the more we can help you connect with the authentic, wise part of yourself, then the more you can find contentment and satisfaction in your life. This is the opposite of how many of us are living today. Instead of feeling led by contentment and satisfaction, we are far too often feeling as though fear and anxiety are the ones driving our choices and behavior. True North Counseling operates under the principle that certainty comes from being your authentic self, without worry of what others may think. It’s the intersection of emotion and logic that comes together to give you confidence, strength, and the certainty that you are right where you are supposed to be.

Worthington Counselor Services

If you’re searching for a Worthington counselor, then please reach out to us at True North Counseling. You can contact us today at (614)310-4940 to ask any questions you may have or to simply learn more about our services. Our licensed psychologist is available to provide counseling to children, teens, and adults. We look forward to hearing from you!