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Finding a Powell therapist who is right for you can be a big decision. After all, it is important to find a quality therapist who will work hard to heal your family and help make a difference in your life. When searching for a Powell therapist, or a therapist in the Powell, Ohio area, you may want to begin by asking family and friends for recommendations. You can also reach out to your doctor for a list of recommended therapists or therapy offices. If this is not an option, or if you would prefer to search for Powell therapists on your own, then it might be helpful to look online for the therapist whose approach of working with clients seems to align well with you. After finding a few therapists who may be a good fit for you or your family, you may then want to reach out to these therapists via email or phone. This is because you may want to ask questions that will further narrow down your search. For example, you may want to ask additional information in regards to the experience of each therapist, the training of each therapist, which therapists specialize in which areas, etc. This information is extremely helpful when deciding with which therapist you would feel the most comfortable.

In general, therapy aims to help a person feel better and to facilitate change in his or her life. Therapy can be used to treat specific mental health conditions, such as anxiety or depression, as well as to treat problems within a relationship, learn stress management techniques, or to better understand and wade through career decisions.

At True North Counseling, we know that life is not always easy. There are times in life when we struggle to keep up with everything that is thrown our way. It can be hard to ignore the thoughts and opinions of others and sometimes those thoughts and opinions leave us feeling confused and unsure of what we believe. In these moments, when we’re overwhelmed, lost, confused, or struggling with symptoms that impact our ability to handle day-to-day life, it can be helpful to have the unbiased and outside perspective of a professional. A good therapist will help you gain clarity, move forward, and feel better in your life.

Along with one-on-one services for individuals struggling with specific mental health conditions or with certain areas of his or her life, therapy is also available for families with children and adolescents. There can be a lot of pressure on parents to do the right things, avoid the wrong things, and make the right decisions and choices for their children. This pressure and stress can feel extremely overwhelming and leave your family tired, confused, and unhappy. Working together with a therapist can help you wade through any miscommunication, struggles, or decisions, so that everyone can get to a place of feeling good more quickly.

How to find the best Powell therapist for you…

When you pick the Powell therapist who is right for you, you will ideally begin your therapy with a thorough assessment. This is because no one family or individual is the same. Each family or individual will have different challenges, different wants, and a different goal for therapy. A thorough assessment can help your therapist better understand who you are, what situations or individuals have shaped your beliefs, what you most value, and why those values hold such importance to you. This is important because when a therapist better understands your individual circumstances, your therapist can more quickly help you find relief from your challenges and move towards where you want to be.

At True North Counseling, we begin all of our sessions with this type of thorough assessment. Then, we use your thorough assessment to help you or your family reconnect with the key to your own happiness and contentment. This key is found within, and comes not from things or experiences, but from allowing ourselves to be present in our own lives. Simply imagine, what if it was possible for you to be free to be yourself regardless of the situation you were in? What if you could move through life without judgment or worry? True North Counseling is on a mission to help you rediscover a more authentic way of living!

If you’re searching for a Powell therapist, or therapy found in the Powell, Ohio area, then please reach out to us at True North Counseling. You can contact us today at (614)310-4940. Our licensed psychologist provides psychotherapy to children, teens, and adults and our unique treatment approaches incorporate interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness techniques. We specialize in areas such as divorce and transition to college, anxiety, grief and trauma, relationship issues, depression, ADHD, and behavior problems in children. We look forward to hearing from you!