Finding a Therapist for Anxiety and Depression Near Me

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How do I find a therapist for anxiety and depression near me?


You may search online for anxiety and depression therapists near you if you have anxiety or depression symptoms that don’t alleviate even when temporary stressors are removed. Finding a therapist near you for anxiety and depression may be a great next step if anxiety or depression symptoms impact your ability to effectively cope with everyday life and activities.


Can a therapist for anxiety and depression near me help with my symptoms?


Since there are several types of anxiety and depression disorders, it might be the right time to speak with your doctor and seek treatment if you experience any of the following symptoms on a regular basis or if your symptoms impact your ability to perform everyday tasks.


  • You worry to an excessive amount and on a regular basis. You do not have much luck controlling or alleviating this worry on your own.
  • You have trouble getting comfortable, have a difficult time sitting still, or constantly feel the need to fidget. It is also a good idea to speak with your doctor if you experience other physical symptoms, such as a racing heart or shortness of breath.
  • You often feel fatigued and are less interested in the things you used to enjoy.
  • Your muscles feel tight, potentially feeling similar to a muscle that has been clenched or holding onto something for an extended period of time. Other physical symptoms you may experience include dry mouth, cold or sweaty hands or feet, heart palpitations, tingling or numbness in hands and feet, or nausea.
  • You may have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep.
  • You often feel irritable, jumpy, or tense.
  • You recently experienced one of the common risk factors for depression or are experiencing heavy sadness or loneliness that has lasted for weeks, months, or years at a time. The most common risk factors include a traumatic event, major life change or stress, history of depression (either your personal history or through your family), certain medications, or physical illnesses or conditions.


What should I do if I experience these symptoms?


If you experience one or many of these symptoms regularly, it is a good idea to speak with your doctor and search for therapists near you. In addition to this search (which can often be started online using a search engine and the phrase “therapist for anxiety and depression near me”), you may also want to speak with your doctor about natural treatments that may be used in coordination with other treatments (and under the supervision of your doctor). Such treatments include journaling and reflection, regular meditation and breathing, daily or regular exercise, drinking green tea or chamomile, spending time in the sun and in nature, enjoying the aroma of lavender, eating regular meals (including regular breakfast), and drinking plenty of water throughout the day.


At True North Counseling, we provide therapy for anxiety and depression. We know that it can be a challenge to keep up with all the activities, problems, and situations thrown our way. It can be hard to push away the thoughts and opinions of others, sometimes leaving us feeling anxious and unsure of what we really believe about ourselves. In these moments, when we are struggling to keep up with the pressures of daily life, it can be beneficial to have the outside perspective of a professional.


What happens once I find a therapist for anxiety and depression near me?


At True North Counseling, we begin all of our therapy sessions with a thorough assessment. This thorough assessment will allow our therapist to better understand your symptoms, your lifestyle, and your individual wants. This will help us move you forward towards where you want to be more quickly than on your own. When you’re ready to speak with your doctor, and consider anxiety or depression therapy, please reach out to us at True North Counseling. You can contact us today at (614) 310-4940 or send us an email via our website. Our licensed psychologist provides psychotherapy to children, teenagers, and adults and specializes in areas such as divorce and transition to college, anxiety, grief and trauma, relationship issues, depression, ADHD, and behavior problems in children. We look forward to hearing from you!




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