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It’s important to know that it’s possible to find support for a depressed teenage daughter. Depression is a common mental disorder and being diagnosed with depression, or participating in depression counseling, does not indicate weakness and is not a character flaw. There are many factors that may contribute to depression in your teenage daughter, including genetic, psychological, environmental, social, and biological factors. Major life changes or traumatic events can also cause one to experience the symptoms of depression. In addition, some episodes of depression may occur without any obvious cause at all. Because there are many factors that contribute to depression, most people, including teenagers, require the help of a professional in order to feel better. With the right care and support for your depressed teenage daughter, or your daughter experiencing the symptoms of depression, you can expect your teenager to find great relief from daily symptoms.


Support for a teenage daughter with depression often includes counseling, medication, and even a combination of both counseling and medication. There are also a number of recommendations for “at home” treatments that can be used in coordination with counseling and/or medication. These treatments may include, but are not limited, to consistent exercise, a clean, nutrient-based diet, plenty of water, time spent outdoors in sunshine and nature, meditation, and quality time with loved ones. It is always advised to work with your doctor and a licensed medical professional in order to find the right treatment plan for your daughter or anyone suffering from depression.


If you and your doctor determine that counseling would be a good form of treatment for your depressed teenage daughter, then you want to find a licensed psychologist with experience in working with depression. There are several approaches that have been shown to help individuals recover from depression. These different approaches can help identify triggers and factors that may contribute to current symptoms and daily challenges, find ways to change, accept, or adapt to those triggers and factors, set realistic goals for feeling better, identify and rewrite outdated thought processes or behaviors that contribute to current symptoms, and develop additional problem solving skills.


At True North Counseling, we offer support and counseling for those suffering from depression and begin all of our sessions with a thorough assessment. This is because no one individual is the same and every individual will have different challenges, wants, and goals for counseling. A thorough assessment can help us to better understand your teenager, what situations or individuals have shaped her beliefs, what she most values, and why those values hold such importance. This is important because when a counselor better understands your daughter’s individual circumstances, the counselor can more quickly help your daughter find relief from her challenges and move towards where she wants to be.


At True North Counseling, our goal is to connect deeply with our patients. We believe the more we can help your daughter connect with the authentic, wise part of herself, then the more she can find contentment and satisfaction in her life. It is important to note that this is the opposite of how many of us are living today. Instead of feeling led by contentment and satisfaction, we are far too often feeling as though fear and anxiety are the ones driving our choices and behavior. True North Counseling operates under the principle that certainty comes from being your authentic self, without worry of what others may think. It’s the intersection of emotion and logic that comes together to give you confidence, strength, and the certainty that you are right where you are supposed to be.

Counseling for a Depressed Teenage Daughter

If you’re searching for support for your depressed teenage daughter, then please reach out to us at True North Counseling. You can contact us today at (614)310-4940 or reach out via our website. Our licensed psychologist is available to provide counseling to children, teens, and adults. We look forward to hearing from you!




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